Autopilot, an electronic form solution company that focuses on process automation, wanted to reduce the amount of paper its customers use and create a streamlined digital process. Creating a frictionless workflow for each of the processes they automate for clients is paramount. Integrating Docusign eSignature into these processes has been crucial for Autopilot in creating an end-to-end digital process. 

Removing manual processes and replacing them with Docusign eSignature

Autopilot is a platform that enables companies to implement quality electronic form solutions to automate internal processes in the HR, IT, Sales and Finance space and facilitate the automation of the Vendor, Customer and Employee onboarding processes. 

Prior to the implementation of electronic signature, Autopilot relied on scanning and emailing documents. The previous process often caused delays, wasted time and there was a lack of visibility of contracts. There were also human errors caused by inputting data.

Autopilot needed to integrate an electronic signature solution into its processes, and its customers wanted a one-stop solution that could automate entire processes. With Docusign eSignature, Autopilot was able to provide this. 

Integrating Docusign eSignature with Autopilot 

Autopilot spent time with the Docusign team integrating eSignature; when this was complete - their customers began to reap the benefits. The fact that Docusign has the ability to integrate into Autopilot seamlessly has been a massive advantage to clients. Autopilot has been providing workflow solutions to its clients since 2001, the Autopilot document collection solution is now Autopilot’s flagship product as it solves such a genuine business need and seamlessly integrates Docusign.

Syntech is a client of Autopilot that reaped benefits from the integration. Syntech is a distributor of specialised IT hardware throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. The team at Syntech leveraged Autopilot to streamline their reseller application process, making it simpler and more efficient whilst simultaneously enhancing their engagement with new resellers. Syntech has the simple aim of prioritising its customer experience. They have now been able to streamline the engagement with their new resellers making it a lot more efficient.

Ryan Martyn, Sales Director at Syntech Distribution (PTY) Ltd and a user of Autopilot, says, “By using Autopilot, we have had a massive reduction in the time it takes to onboard our customers, dropping from 10 days to less than 2 days. So, from a service delivery standpoint, Autopilot has had a huge impact. In the past, with our manual process, our team was terrified of making mistakes. Now, we thrive on the level of service we can provide.” 

Syntech can now manage its entire onboarding process much more effectively. Autopilot's cloud-based solution offers a user-friendly platform that can also enhance new customer engagement. It can provide quicker onboarding of new clients, more accurate information transfer and effortless integration into existing systems.

Autopilot facilitates the collection of documents and information from new suppliers, customers or employees for a wide range of clients ranging from distribution, agriculture, FMCG and marketing.

The seamless integration between Autopilot and Docusign allows our clients to effortlessly sign important documents far more quickly and with less effort than ever before.
Adam Shapiro

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