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    sheets of paper saved since 2019
  • flexibility to manage operational needs
  • significant reductions in contract turnaround time

Hays is the market-leading recruiting agency for professional, technical, and qualified skills worldwide. Working across 33 countries, the company is using Docusign eSignature to offer a simple, seamless process that removes the need for multiple onsite visits—thus creating a better user experience for clients and candidates.

E-signatures bring flexibility to the recruitment experience

Before Docusign, Hays relied on a manual process that required candidates to sign documents in person with a wet signature. Since implementing Docusign eSignature in 2014, it has become the default tool used for signatures. The company no longer processes physical documents. Candidates can complete documents on any device from almost anywhere using Docusign eSignature. This process is not only less burdensome on candidates, but it also enables Hays to fill positions with the best candidates in a timely, secure, and seamless manner.

eSignature usage expands across the business

Docusign eSignature is used by Hays in two distinct ways. Firstly, as a standalone tool where contracts are generated, sent, signed, and returned in a matter of minutes—significantly reducing contract turnaround times. And secondly, eSignature is integrated with Hays’ in-house CRM system, allowing recruitment consultants to use dynamic templates to generate and send the right documents to candidates with one-click.

“It affords us the flexibility to effectively manage our fast-paced operational needs,” says Reshma, Programme Manager, Digital Innovation Services.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Hays found Docusign eSignature an essential part of its remote working strategy, such as for furlough documentation for both employees and temp workers, without which the company would have struggled with the processing of signatures. 

Electronic signature enables sustainability goals

Increasingly, technology has enabled Hays to support client and candidate experiences, while at the same time driving the organisation's sustainability aims. In 2021, Hays committed to being a Net Zero company - aiming to be the first global company in its sector to do so. They have already achieved carbon neutrality. Other commitments include reducing their Green House Gas (GHG) emissions by 50% by 2025 (versus a base year of 2020).

Since 2019, Docusign has significantly contributed to Hays’ paperless office aspirations, saving 16 million sheets of paper and 1,092 trees using eSignature. This has been achieved by making “everything as slick and efficient as possible, removing the need for manual work through automation,” says Steve Weston, Chief Customer Officer at Hays.

Docusign eSignature enabled us to digitise the candidate journey end-to-end
Steve Weston
Hays Recruitment

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