• speeding up contract turnaround times
  • less printing and paper across the business

Archetype supports organisations in 20 different locations worldwide to achieve their business goals through effective marketing and communications programmes. With expertise in areas including media relations, content creation and web development, Archetype helps organisations build magnetic brands by conveying information in an innovative and creative way—in both traditional and digital spaces.

In order to meet the needs of today's modern workforce, Archetype leverages digital solutions to make internal processes as efficient as possible for employees.

eSignature brings efficiency, speed and helps minimise paper use

In 2014, Docusign eSignature was implemented by Archetype’s HR department, making processes around internal employment contracts, salary changes and bonus payment notices fully digital. Leveraging eSignature has enabled the team to execute contracts from almost anywhere, on any device, thus driving efficiency by speeding up contract turnaround times and strengthening Archetype's hybrid working model. 

Stuart Spencer, Global Technology Director at Archetype, explains that “we started the digital transformation of our contract processes with Docusign 8 years ago. Since then, processes throughout the company have been automated as more digital solutions have been implemented.”

Archetype und DocuSign
Automating contract processes with Docusign eSignature enables us to let technology do the work for us.”
Stuart Spencer
Global Technology Director

After the successful implementation in the HR department, other areas within the business were eager to experience the benefits of electronic signatures. Today, there are multiple use cases for eSignature within Archetype, including the finance department, where eSignature is being used for almost all contracts. 

“We love using Docusign and have expanded its usage as a result.” Stuart Spencer, Global Technology Director at Archetype

In addition to driving efficiency, eSignature is supporting Archetype's goal in becoming more environmentally-conscious. “We see hybrid forms of working as an opportunity to break away from old, inefficient processes that negatively impact the environment, such as printing out contracts. Docusign eSignature enables us to seize this opportunity. We rarely print and try to make our business processes as sustainable as possible.”

Integrations separate Docusign eSignature from the competition

Digital solutions like Okta, Zoom and Slack are core to Archetype’s technology stack. Therefore, choosing an e-signature solution that could integrate with other systems was crucial. As Docusign eSignature integrates and seamlessly connects with over four hundred systems, it was the obvious choice.

Simple, sustainable and efficient

Archetype recognises the benefits of digital transformation and embraces digital solutions in various ways. With Docusign eSignature, Archetype can now automate internal and external contract processes, making them more simple and efficient. Additionally, teams across Archetype have significantly reduced the amount of documents they print, actively contributing to a paperless and more sustainable future.

“We chose Docusign eSignature because it easily integrates with our existing solutions that are at the heart of how we work at Archetype.”
Stuart Spencer
Global Technology Director

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