Learn how Q1 Energie, an energy supplier with over 230 petrol stations across Germany, uses Docusign solutions to modernise its end-to-end onboarding process for new employees and transform its entire agreement process.

In order to comply with local employment laws in Germany, Q1 Energie leverages ID Verification for EU Qualified (available through Docusign ID Verification Premier) to send out short-term employment contracts to seasonal employees, with qualified electronic signatures. As a result, new employees are getting on-boarded faster with better transparency into how the HR contract management process has improved.

By adopting Docusign's Identify solutions, Q1 Energie have been able to scale their processes whilst streamlining and integrating Docusign with their existing business applications, allowing them to deliver an easy-to-use transaction experience for both customers and employees.

Watch the video to hear the full story told by Lara Gutzmann, Legal and Contract Management Officer at Q1 Energie.

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