• 600hrs

    Time saved signing each month
  • 4

    million sheets of paper saved since moving to eSignature
  • +71

    Net Promoter Score since instigating DocuSign solutions

Grant Thornton UK LLP  has over  200 partners and 5500 employees across 27 locations in the UK.  The firm is part of the seventh-largest independent accounting and consulting network globally.  

As part of the ongoing evolution of its digital strategy, Grant Thornton identified the need to improve efficiency around document signing and processing, not only for the business but also for its users. Deploying Docusign eSignature has enabled the business to deliver enhanced user experiences to its people, while at the same time improving data compliance and greater proficiency and understanding of data workflows.    

Proactively shaping smarter digital workflows with Docusign

Grant Thornton has a digital strategy that routinely analyses and recommends the evolution of its internal handling and processing of information. Following an internal review, the organisation recognised it could readily improve processes and efficiencies across the business by deploying a smarter electronic signature solution.


“We saw there was an opportunity to have a platform that made information handling more efficient, more beneficial to the firm by improving our compliance, and ultimately our metrics.” 
Sue Evans
Senior IS Project Manager
Grant Thornton

Prior to using Docusign eSignature, Grant Thornton operated an alternative electronic signature solution for signing HR documents, such as contracts and contractual changes. Outside of the HR department, the organisation had a combination of automated and manual methods for document creation. Documentation for signing would often be printed before being sent to customers and clients for wet signature approval.

Using Docusign eSignature to redefine agreement signing processes

Following a rigorous approval process Grant Thornton found that Docusign eSignature offered the flexibility the organisation was looking for, while at the same time delivering better user experiences for its people. The organisation uses Docusign for around 20 document types, many of these uses being mandatory. By using Docusign eSignature this offers greater visibility of the audit trail and thereby supports the regulatory compliance needs of the business.   Grant Thornton first started to use Docusign eSignature in February 2020 with the intention of performing a routine six-month rollout and evaluation period of the product. As the deployment began, the organisation was faced with accelerating its plans due to the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. Docusign enabled the business to continue to work seamlessly through the pandemic and meet its regulatory obligations. “We went from an original six-month plan to rolling out Docusign eSignature in three weeks,’ says Sue.   Grant Thornton has greatly impacted business efficiency by deploying Docusign eSignature. It estimates that turnaround times for sending out and receiving back signed agreements and documentation have been reduced from days to a matter of minutes in most instances.

“We are seeing a saving of between 10 and 15 minutes per signing using Docusign eSignature. If you think about the volumes we’re working with at Grant Thornton then that’s a saving of up to 600 hours a month.”
Steven Ainley
Information Systems Director
Grant Thornton

This has been made possible through the integration of the Docusign API, providing a wider range of electronic signature support to the business than previously possible. This has allowed users outside of the HR team to create documents for signature based on requests using the Grant Thornton business hub – a centrally managed business resource. The automation of many processes previously carried out manually has dramatically improved efficiency and reduced the risk of errors entering the system. As a result, user experiences have been enhanced, with both those sending and receiving documents seeing the benefits of the new system.   “Research into user satisfaction has been very high,” states Steven Ainley. “We registered a +71 score on Net Promoter, which we are very happy with.”

The Grant Thornton HR team uses a Single Gen & Send use case, currently initiated via Appian. The business compared the capability that is natively available in Workday, which was another option they evaluated but decided to move forward with Docusign Gen & Send as they found it to better fit their specific needs. It is used to automate the creation and issuing of documents at various points in the employee lifecycle before filing completed documents back in Workday.   The integration of Docusign Single Gen & Send has been so successful that the organisation is looking to roll out its use to areas of the business outside the HR department, such as Tax, Advisory, and Audit departments.Furthermore, the organisation has improved visibility over the types of documents being sent out, something it previously could not achieve. This deeper insight into audit trails has allowed the business to prioritise the types of documents being sent, as well as dramatically reduce the amount of paper being printed and posted.   “We have found Docusign eSignature to be a simpler process for both our people and for our clients,” says Sue. “It has eliminated the need for wet signing, scanning and emailing and streamlined the whole signing process.” 

Grant Thornton appreciates that ‘sustainability’ is synonymous with ‘opportunity’ but more importantly understands that ‘doing what is right, ahead of what is easy’ is now a major driver in the business world. As a result, Docusign has helped Grant Thornton save over 4 million sheets of paper since moving to eSignature. As the use of eSignature expands across the organisation, such sustainability savings will only continue to have a beneficial impact. 

Improving customer experiences with Docusign eSignature 

Grant Thornton continues to develop its digital strategy, evaluating how technology can enhance the processes it puts in place to support its people. The business is evaluating how it can automate a wider range of processes within the business, reducing the need for manual inputs and accelerating the turnaround times around document creation.   Docusign has become a key component of its digital strategy, enhancing performance, delivering security around compliance and helping the organisation meet its growth targets.  

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