IDnow and Docusign Partnership 

Millions of online transactions are carried out every day which means it is now paramount that companies ensure that they are implementing the highest standards of security. Whether it's for opening bank accounts or onboarding new employees, having a trusted ID verification software is an integral integration. IDnow, a leading player in Europe, is a fast, flexible and secure identity proofing platform provider. 

Founded in 2014, IDnow has over 900 customers worldwide. Using a combination of AI, facial recognition, machine learning and human experts, it delivers reliable and convenient verification of identity documents used by 7 billion people. The platform is compliant with AML (Anti-Money-Laundering-Law) in Europe, and KYC (Know Your Customer) Regulations. 

A partnership built on trust and security

In 2019, IDnow and Docusign partnered to combine the global market leader in electronic signatures and contract management with the highest standards of identity verification. Since then the partnership has continued to assist organisations undergoing digital transformation. IDnow and Docusign offer customers a high quality, secure, flexible and convenient solution to digitally verify their identity. 

IDnow regularly participates in eIDAS – the EU regulation on electronic signatures – consultations that directly affect the relationship between technology and legality. IDnow is passionate about the security of electronic signatures and important documents and is committed to combating cybercrime. IDnow's advanced solutions, supported by machine learning and biometric technology, can verify identities with a very high level of security.

“At IDnow, we emphasise the importance of having the highest security standards as well as impeccable user experience. Our comprehensive identity proofing platform offers a solution that complies with regulatory requirements while providing an intuitive and easy to use interface. Together with our long-standing partner Docusign, we have combined digital contract signing and identity verification to create a QES solution that is recognised in even the most regulated markets. With Docusign, we are pleased to have a partner that shares the same goals and with whom we can drive digitisation in many industries and together make the connected world more secure." - Sebastian Bärhold, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer at IDnow

Convenient video identification with Docusign and IDnow

The IDnow and Docusign integration allows customers to verify their identity using expert-assisted video chat. Where a QES (Qualified Electronic Signature) is needed, this type of verification makes the process easy. In under five minutes your ID can be verified. All you need is internet access, a webcam, your valid ID and a smartphone or tablet. Here’s how it works: 

  1. The customer receives a request to verify their identity online using the web or an app via IDnow Videoldent software. 
  2. The customer is shown the agreement that requires a QES (Qualified Electronic Signature) and asked to check if the details are correct.
  3. The signing process begins and an Ident Specialist asks the customer a series of legally required questions. 
  4. The front and back of the identity document is then recorded and is compared with a video of the customer. 
  5. The customer declares their agreement with the contract conclusion by using a check mark.
  6. The certificate and the QES is issued by Docusign, Trust Service Providers (TSP) according to the eIDAS Regulation.

Partnering with companies like IDnow, who strive to ensure the highest levels of security, safety and customer experience is important to us at Docusign. When market leaders join forces the possibilities are endless and we can continue to provide our customers with products that comply with data protection regulations, stand up in court and ensure high levels of security all while being customised according to the needs of our individual customers. 


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