• 35%

    Increase in the speed of sales team processes
  • 50%

    Decrease in the number of contract errors

XO, a leading private jet charter company, has distinguished itself from others in the highly competitive private aviation industry by focusing on providing outstanding service to its clients. This client focus has paid off with double-digit growth for the company and consistently high customer satisfaction.

As a key part of this customer-centric strategy, the company partnered with Docusign, a move that was driven by XO’s EVP of sales and client service, Gregg Slow. The sales team adopted Docusign eSignature to replace their manual, pen-and-paper processes for signing and delivering customer contracts. eSignature automated this agreement process, allowing XO’s clients to sign and complete contracts from anywhere and with fewer errors and less back-and-forth. 

As a result, XO saw increases in both revenue and customer satisfaction. With Docusign eSignature helping drive XO’s customer-centric strategy, the company gained a competitive advantage.  “We win business by being faster to secure the final contract—no slow paper-based processes to wait for, and no errors and omitted signatures to cause backtracking,” explains Slow. “Faster sign offs means less time for something to go south with the client.” 

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XO becomes a more client-focused business 

Slow had used Docusign eSignature with his previous employer, so he knew how it could make it easier for clients to do business with XO. “We didn’t waste any time looking at other vendors,” he reports. “I knew Docusign is the bellwether of its industry—the global standard. And I knew that implementing and maintaining Docusign solutions is a straightforward process. This and its stellar reputation made it easy for our leadership team to see that Docusign was the right solution.” 

XO deployed Docusign eSignature immediately and easily, since all the necessary functionality was available out of the box. No customisation, user training or integrations to other applications were required. The company simply uploaded its contract templates to Docusign, and soon the entire sales team was using Docusign eSignature with clients. 

Have we recouped our investment in Docusign? You bet we have. By 1000% we have.
Gregg Slow
EVP, Sales and Client Service

Speeding up the sales department 

By automating the signing and distribution of sales contracts, eSignature enabled salespeople to book more business faster by speeding up the processes for signing and delivering contracts by 35%.

Prior to Docusign, clients had to sign contracts for their air travel manually, via pen-and paper. Not only were these processes slower, but they resulted in more errors and incomplete contracts. With eSignature, clients are automatically alerted if a contract is incomplete or missing information before sending it back. As a result, XO has seen a 50% decrease in the number of contract errors. 

“Our sales department had no client focus when I came in,” says Slow. “A glaring example was the outdated pen-and-paper process we forced on clients who contracted for our services. Our clients want to be able to sign off contracts the way you can with Docusign eSignature—quickly, easily, securely and with protection from errors and omissions.” 

A trusted global digital solution 

Docusign’s mobile device support is especially helpful for XO’s on-the-go clientele. Customers can arrange their next private flight from their phones— even via in-flight WiFi. With Docusign eSignature mobile signing options, XO delivers on their customer’s need for flexibility and efficiency. 

“Clients often charter a flight to get someplace fast because of an emotional event in their life—sometimes happy, sometimes sad,” Slow continued. “The last thing they want is to wait for unsigned documents to be delivered or get held up by paperwork errors.” 

For XO’s international clients, the old pen-and-paper agreement process was especially inconvenient. Now, in addition to seamless electronic signatures, with Docusign’s multilingual capabilities, customers can choose their preferred language. XO can also now provide a far more secure and anonymous agreement process than they could with manual paper contracts.

Today, with its fast and easy contract signing and delivery capabilities, XO stands apart from its competitors in the air travel industry. “Docusign makes a big difference to everyone involved in the contracting process, especially the client,” Slow concluded. “I would not want to run any kind of client service business without Docusign.”