Twining Enterprise

Twining Enterprise leverages eSignature to execute documents quickly and securely

Twining Enterprise is a London based non-profit that exists to improve mental wellbeing by helping those suffering with mental health challenges get back to  work and enjoy the benefits of long-term, sustainable employment.

Research indicates that 70% of people with serious mental illness want to work, but there is a perception that this is not achievable. Twining Enterprise’s vision is of a world where individuals with mental health problems can enjoy the same life and work opportunities as everyone else. The organisation is working to overcome the stigma surrounding mental health, partnering closely with the NHS, the Department for Work and Pensions and Community Organisations across London to bring this vision to life for over 25 years.

Twining is leveraging Docusign eSignature to enrol new clients, onboard new hires, and claim monies from and sign contracts with funders. Electronic signatures are supporting the organisation to operate more effectively and efficiently. 

Replacing manual, paper-based processes with innovative technology  

Before implementing Docusign eSignature, Twining Enterprise relied on traditional wet signatures in order to execute contracts. This process was slow, lacked visibility, was difficult to manage and was reliant on in-person meetings. 

At the cusp of the pandemic, Twining Enterprise had to switch to remote working in order to continue functioning and supporting its clients. Oliver Jacobs, CEO of Twining Enterprise identified the need to better manage the way they engaged clients and signed contracts. He wanted to modernise the signing process in order to improve the client experience,  and reduce turnaround times.

“The work that Twining Enterprise does is urgent and many people depend on it. Understanding the value of our work led the organisation to re-evaluate how it was completing and managing its contracts and client paperwork” 

Docusign’s reputation for meeting global security standards and adherence to regulation gave Oliver trust in the legality and integrity of eSignature. Its professionalism and ease of use drove eSignature in front of competitors because as a mental health charity, Twining are always eager to make processes as simple and seamless as possible for vulnerable clients.

Since being implemented, Twining Enterprise is seeing even more benefits than it had anticipated—"it has been a complete revolution in how we transact our work”. Clients are satisfied with how simple and seamless the signing process has become, contracts are being completed faster and can be tracked through the entire process, and documents can be executed from almost anywhere on mobile or computer devices.

“Signing with eSignature is just as legal as pen and paper, and they are easier to prepare and get signed. All documents are managed in the cloud so we don’t lose track of them. You don’t need to be tech savvy to use eSignature, it’s easy for everyone.”

The solution is empowering employees by saving time and helping them to spend more time with the people that matter, which are their clients. Now there is more time for conversations around the well-being journey of the client and their journey back to work. 

eSignature guides our clients through the agreement—clients love it. It’s way less stressful than paperwork. It makes life and this experience better for them. So we are successful together.
Oliver Jacobs
Twining Enterprise

eSignature is enabling a non-profit organisation to complete contracts remotely

Docusign eSignature has been rolled out across the charity and is being used in two major ways: to sign and manage all internal contracts, and to enroll clients and keep track of their progress—ultimately getting them back to work.

Throughout their journey, clients need to sign a range of documents (data sharing agreements, ‘about me’ forms, vocational assessments). In the past, documentation had to be signed in-person. Oliver describes the process as bureaucratic and for some people, a painful exercise that got in the way of the trust and the rapport that Twining’s specialists had built with their clients. eSignature brings the process online, and its intuitive interface takes the stress out of signing. Oliver notes that the keyword to illustrate Docusign’s deployment is ‘painless’—from accessing the online portal to creating a document to signing it and sending it off takes seconds. 

“eSignature solves the process of remote engagement. This empowers us to focus on the details that really matter. Our clients, our partners, our happiness.”  

What the future holds for Twining Enterprise

Twining has been modernising its operations in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic has hastened this transformation, particularly in digital, through which Twining has been able to “improve the quality, client experience and impact of its work”. Twining is now committed to taking further footsteps into the digital world, leveraging technology to; tackle inefficiencies in how it transacts business, improve how it serves clients, and better the experience of employees within the organisation. 

Right now, Docusign is helping Twining to develop and grow as an organisation—a partnership which will continue to match ambitions and the realities of operating in the modern work going world.