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Docusign eSignature strengthens agreement efficiency for British housing provider

  • 68 hrs

    average time to complete a contract compared to weeks before
  • 2.8M

    sheets of paper saved using eSignature
  • 2,500

    Documents sent using e-signature each month

A not-for-profit housing association which is committed to providing excellent customer service and working in a sustainable manner has improved its processes using Docusign.

The organisation identified it needed to move away from paper-based procedures to a safer, smarter, electronic solution that was capable of efficiently handling large quantities of documentation at scale. By deploying Docusign eSignature it has successfully instigated a digital transformation of its core business, streamlined data processes and improved efficiencies. 

Accelerating business decisions with Docusign

The organisation employs staff across a wide range of customer facing and administrative roles, from Care Assistants, Housing Officers, and Gas Engineers to Management Accountants and HR Specialists, spread across multiple locations.

To help improve business efficiencies it embarked on a project to find an electronic documentation process that moved the organisation away from paper-based procedures.

The lead for the project commented. “I always look for the benefits and scalability that any product or service can bring to our organisation. Previous analysis of the various electronic signature packages had already been conducted and Docusign, having more than lived up to our expectations, was the preferred option.”

Prior to Docusign eSignature, the housing provider relied on traditional printing and wet signature processing of contracts. This meant a significant amount of documents needed to be printed, causing delays in the processing of contracts. 

Potential clients would initially be sent a pre-eligibility document to fill in and return. If the application was accepted, an agreement document would then need to be printed and sent. This agreement would have to be posted, or in many cases delivered by hand to the applicant. The organisation would then need to wait for the completed form to be returned to them before being scanned into its own systems ahead of being processed.

Simplifying the contract process with Docusign

The team has worked closely with the development team at Docusign to build a model that works intuitively for them across its different operations, which are being implemented into the process.

“Once we chose Docusign, we found it very quick to implement and use. The organisation is currently sending around 2,500 envelopes a month, reducing its overheads while at the same time improving employee and customer experiences. For every application document completed using Docusign eSignature, we are making significant savings.”

Customers no longer need to wait for documents to be posted or delivered by hand, as they can receive them electronically. This has resulted in a dramatic improvement in efficiency across operations. Using Docusign, document completion rate turnaround times are now an average of just 68 hours – compared to weeks with previous working practices.

To further improve efficiencies, the organisation has instigated a single sign-on process, so administrators have a clearer overview of how eSignature is being used. This enables the business to successfully allocate costs to each division, so maintaining efficiencies and increasing security.

Not only is the housing provider seeing cost and proficiency savings using Docusign eSignature, but also genuine sustainability targets are being met. Since implementing eSignature, the organisation has been able to  replace over 2.8M sheets of paper with digital contracts. This plays a small role in supporting the groups commitment to limit their environmental impact, decarbonise their homes and reduce their carbon footprint. As the use of eSignature expands across the business, such environmental savings will grow.  

Streamlining future workflows with Docusign solutions

Within the wider organisation, there are boundless opportunities for Docusign eSignature to make an impact.

“Docusign is a brilliant vehicle to drive change. In my mind, it offers a way to fundamentally transform how we do business.”

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