Celonis is the global leader in process mining. It provides companies with the most direct and insightful way to digitally transform their business processes based entirely on data and intelligence. Formed in 2011, it has over 3000 employees operating in 20 offices around the world, serving the needs of enterprise customers regardless of business sector.

Celonis is focused on simplicity, sustainability, and delivering value to its customers. To assist clients in unlocking their digital potential, Celonis identified the need to digitally transform its own digital processes. Using Docusign’s suite of products, including Docusign CLM and Docusign eSignature for Salesforce, it has simplified contract lifecycle from preparation through to signature, reducing wastage, while centralising all documentation for greater business visibility.   

Shaping seamless user experiences with Docusign CLM

Celonis has always had the ability to negotiate contracts, NDAs, and employee documentation. However, prior to deploying Docusign CLM the organisation used a variety of methods, such as agreements sent via email, or relying upon traditional paper documents and wet signatures, resulting in an ad hoc approach to document storage, including hard copies and emails.

Such an outdated approach to contract processing made it impossible for the company to measure or clearly oversee the number of contracts being processed at any one time. It also restricted oversight to contract progression, resulting in repetitive and expensive time-wasting processes across the business.

One of the key elements for choosing Docusign CLM for Celonis was the seamless ability to integrate with other productivity tools. 

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Reporting was another key factor in Celonis’s decision to choose Docusign. As Cekrezi clarifies, “We have multiple users across different teams and departments who all need to have visibility on reporting for certain contracts. Being able to track all the clauses within a contract was something we never thought possible and is just one of the key reasons why we chose Docusign.”

Additionally, alongside improving operational efficiencies, Celonis wanted a digital solution that would help the company better align with its sustainability aims by reducing paper usage across the business.

Accelerating digital adoption with Docusign CLM

Celonis initially deployed Docusign CLM within its legal department to create a repository for all contracts. Once this was established, other departments, such as Sales, Deal Team, Finance, HR, and Procurement, also implemented Docusign to digitise their handling of contracts and important documentation. All contracts across the business are now processed and executed through Docusign CLM. The ability to see, review, and cross-check contracts and deals within one system has improved efficiencies across the business. “Today, we have just one depository for all contracts, which before using Docusign CLM we didn’t think would be possible,” says Cekrezi. “It allows us to see which papers are where in the negotiation process, which have been signed, and where documents have been saved.”

Having one centralised application has also improved security around documents and contracts. Docusign CLM enables administrators to track any log of any user at any given moment. It also allows for alerts to be created should further tracking and oversight be required.

Documents created using the organisation’s previous manual processes would need to be scrutinised and checked for errors before signing. With Docusign CLM, Celonis has the satisfaction of knowing that all input information is accurate. As a result, time efficiencies have improved across the business using Docusign CLM. For example, sales contracts previously sent via email would often take up to 48 hours to be signed and returned. Celonis has seen this turnaround time dramatically reduced to just five hours in many cases.

“Before, when a person had to sign a contract, they would have to review every page – sometimes up to 200 pages,” says Cekrezi. “Now, when a contract goes to the legal person to sign, they know it is the right document without needing to review as the process has been done as we watermark the final document.”

Docusign CLM has given employees greater flexibility within their roles. Less time is spent on manual processes, such as retrieving and double-checking documents and agreements, enabling them to focus on high-value tasks, such as building stronger relationships with clients. 

“The feedback from employees has been extremely positive,” says Cekrezi. “It is so nice to hear things such as ‘You just make my life easy. I don't need to worry anymore about tracking the contracts, or remembering where they are stored' .”

Feedback from customers has also been extremely positive, as Cekrezi explains: “We want customers to feel like part of the Celonis team and Docusign CLM has enabled that. Not only does it deliver a great automated experience, but it also gives them a greater sense of trust in us as a business – with just one click they have a document in their hands and ready to sign.”

Shaping a more digital-led future with Docusign

The deployment of Docusign CLM has successfully enabled Celonis to automate the workflow of processes around negotiations and contract agreements across its core business. As a result it has delivered a positive impact to employees, and enhanced user-experiences to customers.

Going forward, one area of focus for the business is to further streamline procedures that will reduce manual tasks and continue to improve time-management efficiencies. To this end, the business is looking to integrate more digital tools across its business and working with Docusign will ensure this happens as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

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