“We want every solution that our company uses to be simple and streamlined, just like Canva. That’s true for the tools that our team uses internally, but it’s also essential for our customers. Anything customer-facing needs to have the same simple, easy to use experience as our product,” said Tiffany Tai, General Manager of Enterprise, Partnerships, and BizOps.

However before Docusign, Canva’s sales team faced a complex reality at the backend. Its previous solutions made it impossible to void contracts once they were signed. This was a significant pain point, as customers continually received reminders despite having already signed their contract.

Additionally, manual data-entry around customer details and pricing was time consuming and left room for human error. It was time to streamline the processes both for renewal and new business contracts.

As a first step, Canva for Enterprise deployed Salesforce to automate data input. This reduced manual processes and helped ensure that all information in the first draft of the contract was accurate. The next step was finding a solution to manage the end-to-end agreement process with new customers – one that would empower staff and customers to work in an efficient, nimble way. After a successful proof-of-concept, it was decided to design contracts with Docusign.

A beautiful design begins with a contract

As a software unicorn evolved from a vision to empower the world to design, creating contracts that were difficult for customers to complete was problematic for Canva’s Enterprise sales team.

By implementing Docusign for Salesforce, Canva has streamlined its customers’ experiences through cloud-based agreement management.

Take contract creation and dispatch, for example. With Docusign, contracts are dispatched and completed from mobile devices, with the ability to request and confirm changes on the spot.

Similarly, prospective customers often require edits to their contracts during the sales process. This requires Canva to have the right technology to work efficiently. With Docusign, contracts can be edited from anywhere, and changes are processed quickly.

The data will look after the design

By using Docusign for Salesforce, the company has empowered its sales team to deal with customer data in a flexible, agile way.

Automating contracts helps the sales team work more efficiently, freeing up more time for higher value tasks and business growth. Data is pulled from, and updated into, Salesforce to ensure accuracy. For each new or existing customer, the solution automatically populates the same data across every related form.

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